New strategic framework for Safety and Health at Work

The European Commission (EC) has approved the new strategic framework Safety and Health at Work 2021-2027, aimed at ensuring safer working environments, based on three cross-cutting objectives: managing change resulting from the ecological, digital and demographic transitions, as well as the evolution of the traditional working environment, improving the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, and increasing preparedness for possible future crises.

The new framework approved on June 28 sets out the key measures needed to improve the health and safety of workers in the coming years.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the critical role that occupational health and safety play in protecting the health of workers, the functioning of our society and the continuity of essential economic and social activities.

In this context, the various occupational health and safety regulations have been updated and a new strategic framework focusing on three key prevention and preparedness objectives has been established for the coming years.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the critical role that occupational health and safety play in protecting the health of workers.”
Anticipating and managing change in the new world of work.

The Commission will review the Workplace Directive and the Directive on work with display screen equipment and update the protective limit values for asbestos and lead.

An EU-wide initiative on mental health at work will also be considered, which will assess emerging problems related to workers’ mental health and provide guidance for action.

A healthy and safe employment environment leads to lower costs for individuals, companies and society.

Improving the prevention of work-related accidents and diseases.

The new strategic framework will promote a “vision zero” approach with the aim of eliminating work-related fatalities in the EU.
EU regulations on hazardous chemicals will also be updated to combat cancer, reproductive and respiratory diseases.

Increasing preparedness for potential future health threats.

Based on lessons learned during the current pandemic, the Commission will develop emergency procedures and guidance for rapid deployment, implementation and monitoring of measures in the event of other health crises in the future, in close cooperation with public health actors.

At PERTESA we have always been committed to the Health and Safety of our workers. As part of this new strategic framework for occupational health and safety, we have recently obtained international certification ISO 45001 international certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management, focused on the protection of our workers and visitors from accidents and occupational diseases.